There can be only one person who has made 2008 as his own. And I feel he will make the strongest impact in the international economy in 2009. Rightly so I an writing this on December 31st.

Who would have thought a conservative socialistic will become the world’s powerful man? Who would have thought a colored American will infuse so much confidence in to the hearts of the millions? Who would have that “Change” “Yes we can” will become the mantra of young Americans?

Barack Obama-Person of the Year

I liked the way he did his campaign, he made equal pitching in person and also through Internet. He became most Tweeted personality, no.1 twitterer, first campaigner in iPhone, Facebook applications and what not?

Somehow I don’t think Indians would have liked his win. Although he would be Indian friendly in defense decisions, I expect his economic decisions to vastly affect the Indian IT ITES industry..

He is the man who we watched march towards the White House, he will be the Man who we will be watching for the year to come. He is Barack Hossein Obama – the Person of the Year.

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