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Day – 20

Va Va Mannava

Movie: Innisai Mazhai (1992)

Director: Shobha Chandrasekhar

Actors: Neeraj, Parveen and Vivek

Singers: SPB and S Janaki

Lyrics: Vaali





1. The movie was marketed heavily with Ilaiyaraaja's name. The whole album was a wonderful musical. Shobha Chandrasekhar probably is famous as mother of Actor Vijay. In fact, the title card says Joseph Vijay (original name of Vijay) was the producer.


2. Neeraj acted in some movies but didn't have a good career as the movie failed miserably. I think I last saw him in Sethu. (The guy who loses to Vikram in the college election). You know where Vivek is but of course it was too funny to see him as a drummer 🙂

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  1. Not many might agree…but somehow I like the songs in this movie! Nice that someone else also had the attention to those songs! 🙂
    – Jenny


    1. Thanks Jenny for your comment 🙂 I fell in love in with the album the day I saw the movie on TV. Lovely songs. I am happy that someone else loves it too


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