I was dabbling until the last moment whether to go ahead with a celebratory post. I don’t think most farmers in my state are celebrating Pongal like they would. Hit by drought and demonetization, we have one of the worst crises in the history of Tamil Nadu. But even then, it’s a wish from my side that government sees the plight of the farmers and help them. Hope this song becomes a reality, again.

Song Enga Ooru Pongalukku
Movie Chinna Thayi (1992)
Director S. Ganeshraj
Singers Chorus
Actors Vignesh, Rajeshwari
Lyricist Vaali
Video Thumbnail Enga Ooru Pongalukku
Enga Ooru Pongalukku
It's not a happy pongal for majority of the farmers in the state. I hope this song becomes a reality for them in the future. Enga Ooru Pongalukku from Chinna Thayi


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