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Song – 8

Devanin Kovil

Movie: Aruvadai Naal (1986)

Director: GM Kumar

Actors: Prabhu, Pallavi

Singers: Chitra & Ilaiyaraaja

Lyrics: Gangai Amaren


1. Aruvadai Naal was the acting debut of Ramkumar, Prabhu’s brother. GM Kumar, director of this movie is the “highness” in Avan Ivan.

2. I chose this song because of the controversies running around Kadal. If this movie had been made now, it would have never seen the light because of the bold theme. It was a love story between the son of village head and a girl who is about to become a nun.

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  1. IR looks so different in this picture. This song has always transported me.

    Joy always,


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