Warning: Please use your headphones when you listen. Some sounds in the song are NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

I took a break yesterday as I didn’t want to do anything but sleep. And I want to give you a crazy number to compensate for the break. How about Rajinikanth singing a complete “Disco” song? This brilliant song is from Dharma Yuddham, but it got lost due to the popular songs from the movie – Aagaya Gangai and Oru Thanga Radhathil.

The song was written and performed by Hari-Ramola. The female part of the song was rendered by Ramola, a dubbing artist and singer from Tollywood. She has sung in Maro Charitra – Kalisi Unte Kaladu Sukhamu but I couldn’t find any information about Hari – I am still researching on that particular singer/songwriter.

Song Disco Sound
Movie Dharma Yuddham (1979)
Director RC Sakthi
Singers Hari, Ramola
Actors Rajinikanth, Sridevi
Lyricist Hari, Ramola
Video Thumbnail disco sound
Disco Sound
Disco Sound from Dharma Yuddham came in the second year of Ilaiyaraaja's career and what a experiment - A rock number that will make you crazy


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