There was a time when every actor was stung by the Western bug in Tamil cinema and Rajinikanth was not an exception. Naan Potta Savaal was an attempt to establish him as a star with an ultra-heroism movie that failed miserably at the box office. It had a stellar star-cast and plethora of villains and some funky music from Ilaiyaraaja.

Nothing could save the movie from its demise. The movie was directed by Puratchidasan and he also wrote the lyrics for all the songs. I couldn’t find anymore information about this particular director.

Song Nenje Un Aasai Enna
Movie Naan Potta Savaal (1980)
Director Puratchidasan
Singers TL Maharajan
Actors Rajinikanth
Lyricist Puratchidasan
Video Thumbnail nenje un aasai enna
Nenje Un Aasai Enna
Nenje Un Aasai Enna is a revolutionary style song from Naan Potta Savaal - a western movie attempt by Rajinikanth that failed miserably.

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