Ilaiyaraaja is a master in using the same tune for happy and sad situations by doing minor changes. There are other music composers who have tried this idea but never succeeded like Ilaiyaraaja did. Poongatru Ini Pothum is one such tune that has techno beat in the happy version but switches to a typical pathos song in Ilaiyaraaja’s voice.

Padicha Pulla was directed by Senthilnathan, who became popular because of Poonthotta Kavalkaran. He was the son of Jambulingam, who directed MGR’s Nam Naadu

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Song Poongatre Ini Pothum
Movie Padicha Pulla (1989)
Director Senthilnathan
Singers Mano, KS Chithra, Ilaiyaraaja (Pathos version)
Actors Arjun, Seetha

Happy Version

Video Thumbnail poongatre ini pothum
Poongatre Idhu Pothum
Poongatre Idhu Pothum is a happy/pathos tune from Padicha Pulla - another song that shows the prowess of Ilaiyaraaja and his control with his tunes.

Pathos Version

Video Thumbnail poongatre ini pothum
Poongatre Ini Pothum

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