When Ilaiyaraaja grew in stature, there were songs written about him. Vaali used his wordplay to glorify his friend – Raja Kaiya Vacha, Raja Rajathi Rajan Indha Raaja are some examples of Vaali’s brilliance. But when Ilaiyaraaja started writing songs and sang, it was more philosophical.

If I am not wrong, it started with Gangai Amaren’s movies and this particular song is even more special because it’s written for his brother. It’s sad that Gangai Amaren didn’t see eye-to-eye with this brother later. But the partnership was fun until it lasted.

Song Ennai Oruvan
Movie Kumbakarai Thangaiah (1991)
Director Gangai Amaren
Singers Ilaiyaraaja
Actors Prabhu, Kanaga
Lyricist Ilaiyaraaja
Video Thumbnail ennai oruvan
Ennai Oruvan Paada Sonnan
Ennai Oruvan is a title song by Ilaiyaraaja written for his brother Gangai Amaren. Projekt Ilaiyaraaja is 365 day project showcasing Maestro Ilaiyaraaja songs.

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