Ending 2016 with a bang. Shiva is a turning point in Telugu cinema. It was one of the first movies to be produced after the Telugu cinema production moved from Chennai to Hyderabad. It ushered in the new brand of movie making with Ram Gopal Varma being the flag-bearer.

Instead of talking extensively about the movie’s OST that has a cult status, I would rather talk about two scenes that changed Telugu Cinema. The cycle chain scene sequence – the buildup to the scene is amazingly mastered by Ram Gopal varma and Ilaiyaraaja with a subtle score.

And the second scene is the cycle chase sequence where Nagarjuna tries to escape with his niece while the goons chasing them in the car. The cinematography and background score blends so well that you feel that you are in the ride along with the two. Ram Gopal Varma used the same track in his Rowdy just to show how good Raaja’s music is in 2014.


  1. The cycle chain is owned by JD Chakravarthy now.
  2. The cycle chain sequence is so popular that you can see a lot recreations on Youtube. SS Rajamouli used it in Student No.1 and a similar scene was done in Premam Telugu version.
  3. Ismail Darbar was a violinist in the movie as Raaja recorded the score in Bombay (Now Mumbai). He was the first person to give a compliment to RGV that the movie is phenomenal.

The Complete OST of Shiva

Video Thumbnail Shiva Telugu Movie BGM
Shiva Telugu BGM
Shiva is the turning point in Telugu Cinema that ushered in the new wave of directors. Ilaiyaraaja's score has a cult status in the hearts of movie lovers.

The Cycle Chain Scene

The Cycle Chase Scene

Video Thumbnail Shiva Telugu Movie BGM
The Cycle Chase Scene


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