Indran Chandran is one of the most underrated movies of Kamal Hassan (so is the music). Kamal as GK Rayudu, a corrupt mayor was one of his best negative characters. The movie was inspired by Moon Over Parador that had Richard Dreyfuss in the lead. I think it was a super hit in Telugu but it didn’t do well in Tamil dubbed version. The problem with Tamil movie audience and cinema writers is that we don’t see the brilliance of the actor in other language films.

The songs had the same fate. Aariro Aararo (Laali Jo Laali in Telugu) and Nooru Nooru Mutham (Dora Dora Donga Muddu) have cult status in the hearts of Raaja fans. But I am pointing you to a rare gem from the movie – Sandhya Ragapu/Kaadhal Ragam

One more fact, all the songs in Telugu was rendered by SPB while all the songs in Tamil were rendered by Mano.

Song Sandhya Ragapu/Kaadhal Raagaamum
Movie Indrudu Chandrudu/Indran Chandran (1989)
Director Suresh Krissna
Singers SP Balasubramaniam/Mano, S.Janaki/KS Chithra
Actors Kamal Hassan, Vijaya Shanthi
Lyricist Veturi Sundararama Murthy

Telugu Version

Video Thumbnail Sandhya Ragapu
Sandhya Ragapu
Indrudu Chandradu is one of the underrated movies of Kamal Hassan and Ilaiyaraaja. Sandhya Ragapu is a rare gem from the movie.

Tamil Version

Video Thumbnail Sandhya Ragapu
Kaadhal Raagamum


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