Ilaiyaraaja fans from the previous generation tell me that this song was quite popular during the late 1980s. This song epitomises of what people call as “Ilaiyaraaja Genre” – funky, groovy and crazy 😉

I don’t know anything about the movie. Wikipedia tells me that the movie was directed by Manivannan – one of my favourite directors with Raguvaran and Radhika in the lead but the comments on Youtube videos also mentions Murali in the mix of things. I think the movie is about college politics and related stuff. I will be happy if someone can find more info on this.

Song Vel Muruganukku Mottai
Movie Puyal Paadum Paatu (1987)
Director Manivannan
Singers Malaysia Vasudevan
Actors Raguvaran, Radhika, Murali
Video Thumbnail vel muruganukku
Vel Muruganukku Mottai
Puyal Paadum Paatu is another movie without any information whatsoever and Vel Muruganukku is a crazy funky number from the movie directed by Manivannan

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