Apologies for not posting for the past three days but here you go – a brilliant melody rendered by SPB and Vani Jayaram. The songs show the dilemma of a single mother whether to fall in love with a kind friend who supports her. Listen to the lyrics that balances between her desires and also critiques the society.

Sadly, I couldn’t find the lyricist who wrote these beautiful lines.

Update: Thanks to a twitter follower, I was able to identify the lyricist. And it was none other than Vairamuthu.

Song Alai Meethu
Movie Anbulla Malare (1984)
Director BR Ravishankar
Singers SP Balasubramaniam, Vani Jayaram
Actors Sarath Babu, Shanthi Krishna
Lyricist  Vairamuthu

Audio Version (For better sound quality)

Video Thumbnail alai meethu
Alai Meethu - Anbulla Malare
Anbulla Malare is 1984 movie directed by BR Ravishankar - Alai Meethu shows the dilemma of a single mother in love with her friend and also critiques the society.

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