One of the most ambitious political movies of Vijayakanth came nearly 12 years before his actual entry into politics. It was directed by Liaquat Ali Khan (he was the default dialogue writer for Vijayakanth) follows the story of a big businessman’s son who wants to become a politician. He exits the house, becomes a social activist and fights against the political system. He falls in love with an MP (who is also an actress) but controlled by the ruling party minister. Jayaprada (who later become an MP in real life) played the role.

The movie bombed at the box-office. And here is a beautiful song from the movie. Listen to the interludes as the song is themed as a prince trying to save a jailed princess (the story in the movie is pretty similar)

Song Adho Andha Nadhiyoram
Movie Ezhai Jaathi (1993)
Director Liaquat Ali Khan
Singers S Janaki, Arun Mozhi
Actors Vijayakanth, Jaya Prada
Video Thumbnail atho antha nadhiyoram
Adho Andha Nadhiyoram
Ezhai Jaathi was one of the ambitious political movie from Vijayakanth. It was an interesting experiment that failed but the songs like Adho Andha Nadhiyoram didnt.


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