Dasavatharam – One Intelligent Affair with Chaos Theory.

When you go to a Kamal’s movie, you expect two things. One, it will be different from other usual Tamil Masalas and it will make you to think when you come out of the theatre. Dasavatharam did achieve both.

One Man. 10 roles. One mega blockbuster with a insipid message woven. How many of the movies in Tamil have come so far which speaks about the future, scientific theories, extinctions, theism, religions….you can number it easily. This movie speaks everything.

From the anti-christ symbol in the head after his first injury to the skeleton woven hand tied to the big statue in the last scene, the movie is full of symbolisms. Even Robert Langdon will take some time to figure out things. And the names of each character, uff, Kamal has made a scoop of sorts. You can see only the names of Narayana Avatars as the names except for George Bush (a little research would even put him inside the naming convention).

From the initial “Om Namo Narayana” of Rangarajan Nambi to the atheism of Govind, he discusses the length and breadth of religion.

Dasavathaaram_ten_rolesFrom the simple refraction coming in to play when Chris shoots Yuga in the tub to the complex butterfly effect in the last scene, he has spoken more science than a school teacher. My school physics teacher would be one of the happiest person to see the movie.

The different mannerisms he showed for each character was so admirable. The innocence of Kalifullah, the gait and the eyes of Shingen Narahasi, the lifted shoulders of Poovarahan, the shorter Krishnaveni Paati, the actions of Avatar Singh, the style and accent of Chris Fletcher ( I got reminded of two people, Robert Patrick of Terminator and Ajith in Billa…Dunno why) and above all my favorite Balram Naidu, he was simply superb ( Sir can talk 5 languages in telegu).

The supporting cast was carefully chosen too. You can see why MS Bhaskar is in demand now a days, Dance master Balram as the assistant to Balram naidu, Nagesh and KR Vijaya as the muslim couple, Poet Kabilan as the assistant to Poovaragan was a surprise and the best was Jayaprada. Wow , what a couple they were. It was nostalgia of sorts. ( How can you forget Salangai Oli)….

Now the Negatives

1.Asin, she was a literal irritation in the movie. Her character could have been better. She is shown as naive which was intended to be innocent.

2.Mallika Sherawat, a wasted stuff. May be could have increased the role. Although her personality suits for a vamp, some one like Ramya Krishnan would have been even better.

3.The most hyped make up in some places, Kalifullah and Chris looked similar. A lesser make up like Poovaragan was more appealing than Kalifullah. The hair of Shingen didn’t suit at all.

4.The most hyped CG, there were some hiccups like the frames were easily identifiable during Kalifullah Scenes. If time was the constraint, they could have taken some more months. We would have definitely waited for it. But it was better than lot other flying saucers in Tamil Movies.

5.The music was a big let down. Except for Kallai Mattum and to some extent Oh, Sanam others were not worth mentioning. Do we really need Himesh Reshammaiya for Tamil? And the back ground score was even more pathetic (Devi Sri Prasad). Kamal why not Ilaiyaraja for these kind of movies, he would have given a superb lift to the movie.

6.The Director could have said and explained the places where the incidents are happening in more detailed way. We had to identify and clarify for every place of action. May be he left it for us to find.

My favourite Characters : Chris Fletcher ( because of his attitude, the small 3 year old tiny tot near my home is calling “Patrick Anna” every time she sees him), Balram Naidu (just because of his sheer presence), Shingen Narasi – one of the best enacted characters by Kamal.

My Favourite Dialogue: Chris: Remember Hiroshima?
Shingen: Remember Pearl harbor?

It happens during the final stunt sequence. But only 4 people in the theatre laughed for it.

Rating : 4/5 Stars for Kamal.

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na – Why it happens only in movies?

Will it be possible to make a hindi movie

1. Without popular heroines wearing skimpy black dresses and dancing to repeated tunes?

2. Without a love making scene?

3. Without crap called comedies – Priyadarshan types (one of my favorites becoming one of the worst)?

4. Without Himesh hooting his “ooooo” from his nose and Pritam like music directors copying tunes from International Music?

5. Without the Heroes uttering one liners as if they are James Bond and Ethan Hunt?

The answer can be yes only when producers like Aamir and script writers like Abbas Tyrewala join hands.

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is not as innovative as Taare Zameen Par nor it is rule breaking like Chak De India even it is not as extravagant as Om Shanti Om but the beauty lies in the simplicity of the movie. Its a very simple love story between true friends who don’t seem to understand that they are made for each other while everybody around them thinks they are.

But why it is brilliant if it’s so simple? All big things come in small packages. ( Even i am a small guy in height). The whole packaging is so good that you definitely relate to any one of the characters in the movie.

JaanetuyajaanenaThe story starts like this a group of friends with a new date of one of their friends are en-route to Airport to receive two of their close friends. The new girl is weary about the group because they are naughty, playful and never serious. But they start off to tell a story to her with a condition if its boring she will stop. And hence starts the story of Jai (Rats) and Aditi (Cats). Two close friends, so close that their parents think that they are going to marry. But Jai and Aditi don’t think so. They both start the pursuit of finding pairs for each other. Jai finds Meghna ( I have seen her in a Tamil movie, have I?), who doesn’t want to come to reality because she finds reality more harsh because of her parents. Aditi gets engaged to “High end fashionable dude” Shushant. Jai at last realizes that  his love resides in Aditi and not Meghna. The movie ends in a dramatic airport sequence.

It may seem simple but the whole beauty of the movie lies in the supporting cast and not the lead characters. The lovable parents of Aditi, Boms and Rotlu, who initially are in love with Jai and Aditi fall for each other ( Cute..), matured Shaleen and the joker “ Jiggy”. Jai’s mom character enacted by Ratna Pathak Shah is just wonderful. The cameos by Arbaaz and Sohail as Jai’s cousins is funny and fantastic. Meghna makes you to think about the fighting parents. These characters make the movie more lively, engaging and entertaining.

After a long time i like Rahman’s compositions, Jaane Tu Yu Jaane Na in his voice has a 70’s western feel and Kabhi Kabhi just goes in to your soul like a cupid’s arrow. Jaane do of both Aditi and Jai haunts you. I found from internet that the lyrics are written by Abbas himself and it shows why. You have to hear the songs with the picturisation, you will just fall in love with them.

Imran is a wonderful find. I think he should try something different from his uncle to reduce his influence. But he is more better than the recent dynasty launches. He will be rated along the sides of Neil Nitin Mukesh…

Genelia is in her own tailor made role. I think she will slowly get in to the groove of portraying similar roles and she will became the same like what she acts. ( Or is she like that in reality too..). But it will be different for the bollywood fans, who are bored watching skimpy heroines, who can’t act.

What i didn’t like in the movie?

1. The unwanted episode of Paresh Rawal, although it helps for the final scene.

2. The repeated episodes of dream, don’t we need only a few to establish his Rathore Parampara.

3. The BGM score of Rahman, he had some of his old tunes as the BGMs in the final scenes ( A few traces), he is not as soulful as his songs in his BGM. I am yet to see a masterpiece BGM from him ( Something on the lines of Mouna Ragam Nayagan for Ilai).

Now my favorite characters: Two people. One Naseerudin Shah – Jai’s Father ( he steals the show even if he is in a portrait), you should watch the movie and you will end up surprised like me. The second one aditi’s brother ( Amit?), he is interesting, the way he says that he didn’t leave her but she  left him alone was just moving.

My Favourite Scene(s): The two kissing scenes, one when Aditi realizes that she is not able to take when Meghna kisses Jai, the other one when Jai realizes his possessiveness as Shushant kisses  Aditi.

Will it be possible for anyone to see his or her loved one being kissed by another person? Thats painful.

Rating: 4/5 just because it made me to sing Jaane Tu ya Jaane Naa along with Jai in the final scene.

P.S. why the title, it definitely happens only in movies. We always wait for Mr.Gordot ( a person who will not come for ever, google it for more info.), and we never realize the right one sitting beside us. When we realize, its already too late.

Image credit: Licensed under creative commons

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  2. Nice review. I haven’t seen both these movies yet. will try to see them soon.

    am yet to see a masterpiece BGM from him ( Something on the lines of Mouna Ragam Nayagan for Ilai)

    I differ with you here. Have you seen Rang De Basanti, Lagaan ? I thought those BGMS were fabulous.


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