After the reviews of Dasavatharam and Jaane Tu Ya Na, there was dearth of reviews from my side because I did not see any new movies. I was determined to see two movies last weekend and I did so. It was a movie weekend for me.

Raman Thediya Seethai

The first movie was Raman Thediya Seethai. It was a Saturday morning show and I could find a host of families around me. And I could find a guy romancing a girl in the theatre darkness and not cared about the surroundings.

The movie featured Cheran,Pasupathy, Nithin Satya and host of actresses from Vimala Raman, Gajala to Navya Nair. The movie starts with a how can I say it in English, ok ‘pen parkum’ ceremony where the girl Ranjitha (Vimala Raman) rejects Venu (Cheran) because she feels he will not suit him. Venu, a normal guy who owns marriage card business has a sad past, where he had to take treatment for his mental depression created due to the pressure from his mom during his 12th standard. Due to this, he develops a stammering during high emotion moments.

After few rejections from girls, a girl accepts him for marriage. But she elopes away with her lover on marriage day. Venu saves the girl family from disgrace taking the blame on him. Manivannan, the girl’s father looking at his goodness wants to see a girl and get him married. In a depressed state, he ‘accidentally’ meets Nedumaran (Pasupathy), a visibly challenged, RJ and his wife Thamizhisai ( Gajala). Their love story gives a new lease of confidence to Venu and starts concentrating on work.

Venu goes to Nagercoil, due to the persuasion of Manivannan, to see a girl , who actually in a dilemma whether to accept the love of Gunasekar (Nithin Satya), a petty thief transformed by her words or to go for the marriage. Venu advises her to accept his love. He also meets Manivannan’s daughter and helps her to reconcile with her dad.

He then goes again to meet another girl, Senthamarai(Navya), a police SI due to the persuasion of Nedumaran. He soughts the help of Ranjitha, whom he meets again. But he gets in to awkward situation with Senthamarai and ends up in the house of Ranjitha.

I think I took so much pains to explain the story because it’s full of coincidences and screen play game.

What I didn’t like?

1. The length of the movie. It was too long and little bit melodramatic than usual . A unnecessary duet before the climax was even more pathetic.

2. The characterization of Cheran. A too goody goody character is a perfect poster boy for a idealistic view. But it cannot be normal person. A person can’t be too good.

3. The songs. Nothing impressed me except the one by Vidyasagar for Nithin Satya. Even the background score was very mediocre.

4. The story is full of coincidences which gives the problem of believability. Too many ploys in the screenplay.

What I liked ?

1. The acting of all the lead characters. They take your heart away. If Cheran was wonderful, Nithin was fantastic then Pasupathy was fantabulous. Vimala Raman and Gajala were apt to their characters.

2. The story is about a common man. I could easily relate to it because I am under pressure in my family to get in to wedlock.

What’s for people to take?
The crowd with whom I saw the movie will have someone in the family who will be in the brink of marriage.

The whole movie can be summarized by the dialogue of Ranjitha in the climax of the movie. “what I will know by seeing you for 5 min. I can see whether you are fair or dark, tall or short and your physical appearance, I will not know what’s your true character. When I knew it, I started liking you..”.

This slams the very basic thought of arranged marriages. I dunno how many people who have seen the would understood the thought shared by the script writer. A pat in the back for the director for the thought process.

Bottom line: Enjoy the movie if you can put up with the length and try to accept the fact that 5 min of girl seeing ceremony is not enough to choose a life partner.

Rating: 3/5 (Just for the actors and the thought process)

A Wednesday

The next movie I saw the same night after a big book shopping mania in landmark was A Wednesday.

A movie produced by Friday Filmworks and directed by Neeraj had two of the most brilliant actors in India-Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher ably supported by Jimmy Shergill and forgot the other guy’s name (but brilliant ).

The story starts with Anupam Kher (commissioner of police) narrating the most interesting case of his life time, which is not in any case files. On A Wednesday, he gets a call from a anonymous number (Naseeruddin Shah) that he has planted 5 bombs in 5 different places in Mumbai and demands the release of 4 deadly terrorists involved in different blast cases in India. He even gives a clue for one of the bombs planted in the police station next to Commissioner Office, which police finds and diffuses.

He makes the police to do certain things and eventually the movie ends in a very interesting and striking twist. I would not reveal it. I want everyone of you to see the movie and you will know why?

What I liked in the movie?

1.Simple – Everything. From the brlliance of Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher to the wonderful direction and screenplay. The strong acting performances of the supporting actors, the dialogues, the background score, the camera angles, technical brilliance and above all for the concept.

2. It takes a dig against politicians and the so called Breaking News Channels. And when Naseeruddin Shah comments on certain issues, its hilarious and every time thought provoking.

3. Why does Anupam Kher accept some craps like Budda Mar Gaya when he has directors like Neeraj to give him such wonderful roles?

What I didn’t Like in the movie?

1. Again Simple – Nothing. Except for the fact that why the director has to confuse the audience by showing Shah’s eyes and saying he could be the chief strategist of their group. A loose end??

Bottom line: A movie for every Indian to watch. ( especially the politicians)

Rating: 4.5/5 ( Should I give a 5)

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