I never like to cry. In fact I hate crying because I feel it shows your weakness but sometimes tears are more meaningful than words. I dunno how many of you saw “Nadodigal”, a Tamil movie which came in 2009. The movie was directed by Samudrakani with Sasikumar in the lead. It’s about 3 friends who help another friend to succeed in love and how it affects their own life. One lady in the movie by the name Abhinaya, who acted as Sasikumar’s sister got rave reviews for her portrayal. She recently won her First award for Best Supporting Actress in the annual Vijay Awards conducted by Vijay TV….When i saw the video, tears rolled down from my eyes instantly… Do you want to know why?

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  1. Marleen Matlin of India


  2. malcaluffin July 6 at 6:32 pm

    what i like most is the reply given by the director when the compere asked "how did you develop the confidence in her"….

    awesome stuff man…the emotional feeling I got was as close as the one when I saw this


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