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sandhya raagam

50 Best Tamil Movies to watch before you die – 34 – Sandhya Raagam

As I have stated earlier in the article on Veedu, Balu Mahendra considered Veedu and Sandhya Raagam as the two movies (among the ones he made) with minimal flaws. Unlike...

/ May 28
chinnamani kovilile

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season II – 121/365 – Chinnamani Kovilile

Balu Mahendra never comes with song situations without reason. Vanna Vanna Pookal is about a young man who falls in love with a woman who has eloped from her to...

/ April 4
naane raaja

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season II – 108/365 – Electronic/Disco Special – Naane Raaja

Neengal Kettavai was a detour to what Balu Mahendra was doing but he did take the usual vengeance story in his style. And casting Thiagarajan and Banu Chander was even...

/ March 8
minmini paarvaigal

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season II – 90/365 – Minmini Paarvaigal

I deliberately stayed away from posting any songs on Valentine’s day. But I will post rare love songs from Ilaiyaraaja stable for remaining days of the month. Julie Ganapathy was...

/ February 15

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season II – 51/365 – Malayalam Special – Yaathra

Yaathra is a story of a forest officer who accidentally kills a policeman during an altercation and gets a jail term. The entire story happens during a journey back to...

/ December 26
Veedu movie

50 Tamil movies to watch before you die – 32 – Veedu

My first brush with Veedu was really funny. I saw it probably when I was 10 or so on National Television. It was one of the most iconic scenes in...

/ April 5
50 Tamil movies to watch before you Die

50 Tamil movies to watch before you Die – 26 – Moondram Pirai

Some movies stand out because of performances. Some movies impress you because of the screenplay and direction. Some might bowl you over with cinematography. This movie will baffle you because...

/ January 13

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja 355/365 – Voice of Ilaiyaraaja – Kannamma Kadhal Enum

Day 355/365 Kannamma Kadhal Enum Kavithai Movie: Vanna Vanna Pookal Director: Balu Mahendra Actors: Prashanth, Vinodhini Sung with S Janaki Lyricist: Ilaiyaraaja

/ January 21

The Annual Kollywood Roundup 2013

2013 was better than 2012 in terms of releases and hits. The small movie surprises were usual and some of the expected movies became blockbusters. There were copycats,some worthy inspirations...

/ December 31

Movie Review : Thalaimuraigal – An Endearing Poem

When the village church's priest asks the small boy Aadhi what religion he belongs as his mother is a Christian and Father is a Hindu, he replies “I am Aadhi”....

/ December 22