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magalir mattum review

Movie Review : Magalir Mattum – Happy Trip

There is a single shot scene where Subbulakshmi (played by Saranya) goes about doing her daily chores with a stone face while her husband Mangalamurthy (Livingstone) is singing after a...

/ September 21
ore murai un dharisanam

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season II – 86/365 – Ore Murai Un Dharisanam

Tamil films sometimes come up with outrageous concepts, En Jeevan Paaduthu is nothing short of craziness. A college student inspired by the poems of another college student falls in love...

/ February 9
Raathiri Poothathu

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season II – 21/365 – Raathiri Poothathu

Dhayam Onnu is an interesting movie. One man organises a five-woman army to take down a criminal. This song is special as it was sung by Jikki. Probably, Arjun got the...

/ November 21

50 Tamil movies to watch before you die – 33 – Nayagan

Past few choices in this list have been popular ones and this one will be the pinnacle of popular choices. Not so surprisingly, there was a discussion on the main...

/ October 23
remo review

Movie Review : Remo – Vachu Senjitange

இந்த Sylvianism விமர்சனம் எப்ப வரும் எப்படி வரும்னு தெரியாது ஆனா வர வேண்டிய நேரத்துல correctஆ வருm (You don’t know when and how Sylvianism’s review will arrive but it will arrive at the...

/ October 9
24 tamil movie review

Movie Review: 24 – Death of Sci-Fi

Disclaimer: I am a Sci-Fi lover and this review will have that tone and colour but at the same time I am not a scientist to understand every aspect related...

/ May 9

Movie Review: Vaanam – Like the Chennai Clouds

I live in the city of Chennai where sometimes the dark clouds come together as if it’s going to pour down like a waterfall but it will end up as...

/ May 2