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Ku Ku Kokila Raave

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season II – 63/365 – Telugu Special – Ku Ku Kokila Raave

Sitaara was the debut movie of Bhanupriya and it was based on the novel by Vamsy – Mahal Lo Kokila. It’s an interesting story of how Bhanupriya was roped in...

/ January 8
Shubhalekha Andukunna

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season II – 62/365 – Telugu Special – Shubhalekha Andukunna

Kondaveeti Donga is one of the biggest hits in Chiranjeevi’s career. A vigilante Robin Hoodish movie (pretty similar to Malaiyur Mambattiyan) worked magic for Chiranjeevi. The movie was dubbed in...

/ January 7
Tarali Raada Tane Vasantham

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season II – 58/365 – Telugu Special – Tarali Raada Tane Vasantham

Tamil movie audience have this burning question – Why Unnal Mudiyum Thambi didn’t win those awards that it deserved? The answer is that it was originally made in Telugu as...

/ January 3

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season II – 45/365 – Malayalam Special – Tharapadham

When I searched for this song, I saw a plethora of cover versions from different artists. It was amazing to see how a song could inspire many contemporary artists and...

/ December 19
Maadathile Kanni Maadathile

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season 2 – 3/365 – Maadthile Kanni Maadathile

The third raaga of this week – Brindavana Saranga. Maestro has some interesting compositions in this Raaga and this one is the pinnacle. Raaga : Brindavana Saranga Song : Maadathile...

/ November 3

10 compositions of T Rajendar to show why he is a crazy genius

T. Rajendar is a crazy genius. He is like that mad creative crazy scientist you see in funny science fiction movies who just wants to play with everything. There was...

/ September 21
Best tamil movies of 2014

The Annual Kollywood Roundup 2014 from Sylvianism

Although I wrote less number of reviews this year due to my PG study plans, I watched 75 movies out of the 200+ Tamil movies released this year. To be...

/ December 31

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja 354/365 – Voice of Ilaiyaraaja – Nil Nil Nil Pathil Sol Sol

Day 354/365 Nil Nil Nil Pathil Sol Sol Movie: Paatu Paadava Director: BR Vijayalakshmi Actors: SPB, Rahman & Lavanya Sung with Uma Ramanan

/ January 20

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja 336/365 – Happy New Year – Ilamai Idho Idho

Day 336/365 Ilamai Idho Idho Movie: Sakalakala Vallavan Director: SP Muthuraman Actors: Kamal Hassan, Ambika Singer: SPB Lyricist: Vaali

/ January 1

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja 330/365 – Punnaivanathu Kuyile

Day 330/365 Punnaivanathu Kuyile Movie: Muthu Kaalai Director: Gokula Krishna Actors: Karthik, Soundarya Singers: SPB, S Janaki Lyricist: Vaali

/ December 26