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Vaayai Moodi Pesavum Review vaayai moodi pesavum review

Movie Review: Vaayai Moodi Pesavum – The Sound of Silence

After completing the movie at S2 Thiagaraja, we headed to Zaitoon for a late lunch. Initially, there was a couple and us who were seated. There came a huge group...

/ May 9
Tenaliraman Movie Review Tenaliraman movie review

Movie Review: Tenaliraman – Searching for humour

It’s difficult to make a movie that discusses serious issues with a leading comedian. The balance between comedy and seriousness has to be impeccable. Only Chimbudevan was able to crack...

/ April 23
Oru Kanniyum Moondru Kalavanigalum movie review

Movie Review : Oru Kanniyum Moondru Kalavanigalum – Tough Luck

Chimbudevan is a director who will never make a normal movie with set formula that plagues Tamil movies and that's what makes his movies interesting. Although, I have found some...

/ April 18
naan sigappu manithan movie review

Movie Review: Naan Sigappu Manithan – Sleep it over

One of the biggest advantages of having a protagonist with rare medical disorder is that you have already piqued the interest of the viewers and they are ready to spend...

/ April 13

Movie Review: Veeram – Tasty Masala but 40 years too late

Veeram is a tasty masala but 40 years too late. But the larger question is, how many years we would want our favourite heroes to act such movies

/ January 12

Movie Review: Jilla – The 180 Minutes of Torture

Jilla is outrageously long, colossally boring and thoroughly illogical. I would have rather been happy to face a guillotine instead of watching this movie

/ January 12

Movie Review: Endrendrum Punnagai – Smile all the way

Romance in Tamil movies (especially in action movies) are of two kinds – love at first sight on innocent idiot girl (in Tamil movie parlance it's called Genelia Type) or...

/ December 24

Movie Review: Biriyani – Piece Sarillaba

We all love Biriyanis. Every one has a favourite type. Some like Malabar. Some like Hyderabadi. Although I like to taste every biriyani that this world can offer, my most...

/ December 22

Movie Review : Thalaimuraigal – An Endearing Poem

When the village church's priest asks the small boy Aadhi what religion he belongs as his mother is a Christian and Father is a Hindu, he replies “I am Aadhi”....

/ December 22

Movie Review : Kalyana Samayal Saadham – “Stand Up” Comedy

The last two years have seen a good amount Romcoms in Tamil but adult Romantic Comedies are a rarity in Tamil cinema. Early this year “Yaaruda Mahesh” tried it but...

/ December 12