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Movie Review: Vidiyum Munn – Brilliance is an understatement

Every year, there will be a movie and a director who will surprise you with his finesse and brilliance. Balaji K Kumar has made me bamboozled with his splendid writing,spell...

/ December 6

Movie Review: Pizza II: The Villa – A Terrible Second Course

Kollywood was weary of making sequels and franchise. Few valid attempts went in to the drain due to poor execution like Kalyanaraman and Adhisaya Manithan. In both cases, the sequels...

/ November 22

Movie Review: Arrambam – All that starts well doesn’t end well

Hollywood is full of illogical action movies. Started somewhere in the 80s and continuing till now actors like Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and now Jason Statham, Liam Neeson thrived(ing) on...

/ November 3

Movie Review: Raja Rani – Modern Romance?

Raja Rani touted to be a modern take on post heartbreak relationships. But is it really modern?

/ September 30

Movie Review: Thalaivaa – Nothing but a disgrace

Thalaivaa is not only a disgrace to all those classics it copied from but also to the audience who love those movies. An ambitious attempt from an actor that has...

/ August 31

Movie Review: 555 – All it needs is a better ending

Sasi as a director has been impressive with his choice of stories. In fact, Sollamale is still debated because of it's shocking climax. After Poo, an action thriller genre is...

/ August 31

Movie Review: Aadhalal Kaadhal Seiveer – Welcome Back, Suseendran

Aadhalal Kaadhal Seiveer is hard hitting urban realistic movie that will shock you at the end but whether it reinforces the phobia in our society is a question to be...

/ August 22

Movie Review: Sonna Puriyadhu – Frivolously Funny

When a guy is booed for singing Tamil song during a Hindi night at a pub, the hero enters and sings “Rosapoo” (from Suryavamsam) in Hindi – “Rosa Hai” (I...

/ July 29

Movie Review: Mariyan – Did Not Survive

There is a scene where Mariyan sits under the shade of a tree and experiences fear. Although beautifully conceptualised, the scene suffers because of poor execution. That pretty much sums...

/ July 21

Movie Review: Neram – Innum Neram Varla (Your time is yet to come)

A catchy single with intriguing lyrics. Beautifully made video that became famous on all social media sites. A young crew trying to make a mark inside the movie world. Perfect...

/ May 25