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yaman movie review

Movie Review : Yaman – Confused cocktail

Unlike Hollywood, political drama is not usual for Tamil cinema. But every movie will have a politician character, but they are usually stereotyped versions. We get a Muhammad Bin Tughlaq...

/ March 5
Best Tamil movie songs 2016

The Annual Kollywood Music Round Up – 2016

The Annual lists are finally here. I have divided the music roundup and movie roundup into two individual posts this year. Every year, it would be tough for me to...

/ December 29
Pichaikkaran movei review

Movie Review : Pichaikkaran – Beg to differ

May contain spoilers  There is a scene in Pichaikkaran where Magzhini (played by Satna Titus) is searching for Arul (played by Vijay Antony) in the rain. Arul is a beggar...

/ March 4

Movie Review: Velayudham – A Wasted Weapon

I don’t hate formulaic movies as long as it’s enjoyable. It’s always a safe bet for directors and producers to rake some money. But when it’s half baked and confused,...

/ October 27

Movie Review : Uthamaputhiran – 10 Reasons Why it’s a Dud?

1. First things first, can we have a ban on naming the new movies with classic titles? These are disgraces to the originals 2. If you are remaking a movie...

/ November 12