It was boring Monday morning for me. I was taking my break fast (bread toasts) and watching tv. I always loved to watch advertisements and comment on it. Another advantage is that it helps me in business quizzing.

I saw this ad on tv.

I think everyone will love Axe ads. If not love it, it would have made you curious. I love the innovative ads they make. The famous train ad to the controversial chocolate man ad all their ads are intriguing. I was thinking about this latest ad while coming in bus ( I am typing this post with my iPhone). I was curious about the number in the ad and called up the number.

It answered Hi I am Tanya, would you take me for a ride in your bike? Press 1 if yes and press 0 if No

I was startled and sweetly surprised at the way these guys working out a marketing idea. I pressed 1. Then she said you can win prizes if you really have an axe effect and I will call you up daily for 5 days at the specified time. I created the alarm for 7.30 daily.

I got a message after the call explaining the contest and if I want to opt out. I left it as such to see how it works.

Sometimes I admire the way some marketing guys work out an idea. This one is extremely innovative, well executed and absolutely viral. And the wonderful part is it fits with the brand identity to the T. I have seen a lot of promotions which doesnt gel with the brand image and failing miserably. Only a handful stand out in the crowd like the Axe Effect.

P.S: 1.Before ending the call Tanya asked me whether I want to talk to her friend Natasha and the call went on…

2.The number is STD number and all are recorded voices. So have balance in the phone and some patience.

Company: Hindustan Unilever
Agency: Lowe Lintas

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Posted by Sylvian

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  1. Lol, even i thought of calling that no after seeing that ad .


    1. @Suresh Thanks for the comment. You should have tried. It was fun.


      1. I called yesterday night, it was good i spoke with tanya 😉 and nathasha :D.Tanya gave me a ring at 7.45 today morning and said she need a ride …lol


  2. @Suresh Thanks for the comment. You should have tried. It was fun.


  3. hi guys!!
    Whats the number,….i wanna play this prank to others, but not able to find the number!!!


    1. Thanks for the comment shaleen. the number is 9987333333


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