What if a Music director gets bed ridden in midst of composing for a movie?

And the producer has taken all his people, director, a super star to Ooty for an outdoor and waiting for the music director to compose the music and finish the song so that he can finish the shoot in Ooty itself.

The producer comes back to Chennai, hearing that the music director is bed ridden and says that he will pack up things and later he can take the song…

The Music director was not able speak as he had a operation in stomach and the doctor adviced him not to talk until the stitches are taken away.

So what did the music director do?

He recorded the tune for the song in a tape recorder through whistiling…!#@

He asked  his assistants to come the next day…asked them to make notations. He corrected through whistle and his assistants recorded the song…

Producer: Panju Arunachalam

Movie: Thambiku Yentha Ooru

Starring: Rajinikanth and Madhavi

Music Director: Music alias Ilayaraja

And the song is

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  1. Maestro is the greatest music director of all ages. Long live this great man. Hope you would have checked out “How to name it”. Any facts about it?


  2. Ajay (@vjajay911) January 31 at 2:44 pm

    nice post.. one correction – raja whistled the vocals section and recorded it in a tape recorder, and wrote the notations for the orchestra and gave it to his assistant ( he did not ask them to “make” notations, as raja writes the complete score/notation for each and every song/ BGM work)

    SPB heard the whistled tune and sang the song, and orchestra just had to play the notes given to them..


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