The day i finished reading ‘State of Fear‘ and the research i did there on, enlightened me on the way people exploit the fear of environment. It’s just the state of fear which people are forced to think that if we don’t contribute to the earth hour, we are considered to be murderers of nature..

For the unknown, Earth hour is a initiative started by WWF ( said so, there are reports it’s media hype of some big news corps to save their business) to voluntarily switch off all the electric appliances in your house for one hour on March 28th, 2009. In India, it’s going to be from 8.30 PM to 9.30 PM. Of course the movement is supported by the media and celebrities alike.

It’s absolute farce and a extreme stupidity in both scientific sense and logical sense.

First the Scientific Sense,

1. I accept the ice sheets of Antartica are melting. But it will take another 3000 years to bring any catastrophe to this world. It’s a normal process of nature and it’s true that we are on our way to the next ice age. We can’t stop or prevent the forces of nature.

Make some goo reading of why Global warming is not what they say

2. Jennifer Marohasy is a progressive environmentalist and proprietor of the Politics and Environment Blog further explains:

Earth Hour was held during a time of peak electrical load, so any electricity generation displaced would be peak load, probably running on natural gas. Such generation produces about 500 grams of CO2 for every kilowatt-hour.

So turning a 100 watt light bulb off for an hour saves 50 grams of CO2, or 13 grams of carbon. A candle is mostly carbon by weight, and candle wax is only moderately less dense than water at room temperature. This means that burning just 5 cm of a typical 2 cm diameter candle will produce more CO2 than running the 100 watt light bulb for an hour. If the light that was turned off is fluorescent, then even less candle can be burned if there’s to be a net reduction in CO2.

( excerpt from Danu Payner’s Blog)

3. The amount of money loss the Earth hour can do is more than the gain which it’s going to make ( awareness bull shit)

The Logical Sense

1. This has become a fashion to associate one self to a particular cause and popularizing it. Why don’t you guys leave your cars for a day and commute in public transport? It will help the earth better than switching off lights. ( I commute in Public Transport and walk as much as I can)

2. It’s better to improve and invest in science and technology to find better options of power, appliances to conserve energy rather contributing to earth hour.

3. The energy, time and money can be used in fruitful way rather than wasted in a pointless campaign.

My final say – in order to fight this stupidity, I pledge myself to ‘Hour of Power” started by Tim Blair .

I will switch on as much electrical appliances and lights as possible to go against the Earth Hour. Join me to stop this stupidity.


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