I am back with my advertising feature.

The Good

There can be lot of likes and dislikes to this brand. But the majority will like the advertising ideas of this brand. From the simple catchy Mango Frooty, Fresh N juicy jingle to the path breaking Digen Verma campaign, they have carved a niche in their segment.

The latest positioning makes even more stronger statement. The ad starts with a very intriguing image of a guy trying to suck the remaining out of the juice bottle. And its followed up with images of adults trying to do the same, which we would have done during our childhood. And we would have definitely got some bad scoldings from parents and if we do the same now, our friends would say Grow Up …

The ad ends up with the usual jingle asking Why Grow up?
A very strong proposition, wonderful positioning and nice execution. Watch it for yourself …

I love it just for the different concept as you see run of the mill ads in the same segment.

The Bad

The Bad doesn’t mean its really bad. It can even become good at a later point. When you see Vodafone ads, you have this very happy feeling. Stunning visuals, simple concept and lovely execution.

If you see the latest Vodafone ads coming up for IPL, you cant say any of those. There is something missing in it… I dunno what. Can you get it?

The Ugly

When do you take a trip on your competitor? You should either be superior in quality or you should be a cult brand or at least you should be famous with the people.

If you are not all three and you take a ride on your competitor, you end up like a fool. Microsoft always look like foolish blond when they come up with new advertising campaigns. The latest laptop hunters campaign speaks about the affordability vis a vis Apple Macs. Apple never speaks about low cost or affordability.

They speak about the quality of the product and the value you get for the price you pay.. And when you do a campaign on pricing, you are a blind man shooting in the dark…. Microsoft, why dont you grow up? ( in this segment, you have to grow up)

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  1. Prunthaban April 29 at 9:54 am

    I know so many people who like those vodafone ads! It is definitely rocking ad series in my opinion…


    1. I know people who love it…But something is intriguing for me..May be i am expecting more from the O&M guys when it comes to Vodafone ads.


      1. vetrimani May 1 at 12:37 am

        vodophone has set its bench mark high and this is a change to it. too early to say its higher or lower. but i still love that Pug


        1. Let\\'s see… I just feel it very intriguing…


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