Free Tibet – A free country for the people of Tibet. I support the cause and i support the demonstrators, who wants a free country. But lets face the reality? Is it possible to push China to give at-least autonomy to the Tibet region?


Although i am not a expert in Chinese region and the politics of China, i did ample research to know about them during my MBA college for my National Economic Planning project. We had to fight as a chinese team against a team which supported India. The topic goes like this “ Who will rule the roost? Hidden Dragon or Sauntering Elephant”. Its so symbolic to the current situation too. The dragon is always hidden and the elephant is always slow in reacting. China was superior in everything but one, Human Rights. I was expecting the opposite team to take up the issue of Tibet and Tianamen Square but they didn’t. They were not as good as our team in research. But i was prepared for that….it still holds true in the current situation.

1.The argument of violation of Human rights: Human rights are being violated everywhere in this world. 12 Panchayat leaders in Madurai district were killed because they were dalits. Kashmiri Muslims are killed everyday and we never care about the North Eastern States. How many girls are raped and killed by the armed forces men in these states… Some may argue its not a state sponsored violation. The biggest state sponsored violation is happening in Iraq by USA. A human rights violation is the same everywhere whether is state sponsored or not.


2.The argument of exile Tibetans: I laugh at people, who support so much for the Tibetans. What about the Tamil People of Sri Lanka who are living in exile in India. The number of srilankan tamils, who live as refugees in Tamil Nadu is more than the total number of Tibetans in exile. Atleast these people have a leader, a place to live and atleast work to make their own living. For Tamilians, they are still refugees. You can ask me why can’t they protest? When you don’t know who will give your next meal, will you protest? Leave that, do you know how many Tamil Nadu fishermen are taken in to srilankan jails every month?


3.The boycott of Olympics There is no point in mixing olympics with politics. Please please please allow the games to go on well. We don’t need another Munich. The people who want to show protest show it like Jesse Owens and not by boycotting them. I am finding people who wants to extinguish the olympic flame. Are you going to get anything by doing that….No not at all.


I believe India should voice more about the Tibetan Issue. I don’t think the Indian Govt. will do so because our diplomatic, economic ties are far more deeper and complex than what we know. But Indians who support for the human rights of Tibet, first tell me do you know how many states are there in North East India? Do you know how many INDIANS are killed there daily because of Militants and Armed forces? Do you know how many ethnic tamils are in refugee camp in Tamil Nadu? Do you know how many Tamilians have been killed till now because of Sri Lankan army?


“ Save the Human rights of Indians first.” I support autonomy of Tibet. I also support autonomy of Tamil Eelam and Better human rights of Kashmiri Muslims and my North Eastern Friends.

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