My comments list crossed 150 and I never made any replies to the comments on the comments page. I think I should be grateful to all those who read, support, analyse, decimate, link-back, criticise and hate my blog…
So I am going to list all the people who commented and say big thanks for them in public… Hmm for all those, who put up with my so-called poems Stalin , Hafeezh, Jeni jenihelan@gmail.comBharath , Jerry , Saravanan, Thiyagarajan,  Neetha, Hilda T Aburbam | | , | , kajan | , s.sathish |  ,navaz |, prabhu |, r.ravi | eraeravi@gmail.comjeni |, daisy |, Amalanathan |, ajan | , Karthi | Dayaa |, swaminathan | – நிச்சயமாய் நான் சமுக கவிதைகளை எழுத முயற்சி சேய்கிறேன்....
mohana | , jagadiesh |, sriya |, Inthu |, RAMANI | SRAMANI@REDIFFMAIL.COM, Raghavan | |,, balaji | , mukundan |
stottpot | stottpot@gmail.comA lady from Denmark, she saw the English translations of my poems in my blog and its a privilege that she could relate to my feelings
Prakash |, Prabhu | , guru |, suji |
Thank you suji for appreciating even if you don’t know Tamil…
mukil |, Senthil |, Shangaran | |, karthikeyan | , venkat |, Nandan | ,Vairamani |, madhava |, manoj | |
For all those people who loved my quizzes and quiz compilations… I hope this passion for quiz continues with me…
NITHEESH |, Abhishek Das | abhiset.das@ntlworld.comsandeep manoharan |,sophie | |, bharat | , arun jagadeesh |, rakesh sonwani | |, Gaurav Pundlik | |,saibal | saibalkolkata2008@gmail.comPremjit |, ashish golcha | ashishgolcha09@gmail.comNaresh |, Vikram | , Dhananjay | |, sandhya raghunathan |, bharat | , Lalitha | lalitha_rajan@yahoo.comkarishma |, Ramakrishnan R | j.rahul | ,mukil | tootyfrooty2@gmail.comMahesh | | , Truth | truthxayer@yahoo.comjay |, rakesh | | Arun Ashok |, PSR | , kunal kishore |, ravichaitanya |, kar_raju |, abhishek kumar | abhishek.quizzer@gmail.comshyam |, prasanna | |,, Karthik |,tenalirama | tenalirama@gmail.comBalaji |, Rajeev | 
And for my friends who always support me. 
My friends who commented
Benjamin | – Machan, I will definitely continue to write more and more and more…
uttara | Another blogger who is mad about sujatha…
Kalpana |
Praveen | Machi, we should revive reversegears some how… arun bharathi | abnonstop@yahoo.comA wonderful dancer and a nice friend…
natraj | VKarthiKN |
VKarthiKN | a good critic…i expect a blog from him…a wonderful thinker.
simran | thanks for understanding my poems even though you don’t know Tamil..
ilayaraja v | A wonderful photographer..i will try to change my style of writing  Ajay |
Ajay | Awesome quizzer…thanks for the questions Nary |
Nary | A nice colleague and humorous blogger… Ghost |
Ghost | Are u still drinking black coffee
karthik narayan | | A good quizzer…looking forward to meet you again
Luciya | Hey loose, why don’t you start writing your ramblings?
churchill |
Vidhyalakshmi Mohan | –Vidhu, Missing Sujatha?
and friends who have not commented Sathish, Vijay ( Machi, the IIPM Story is coming up), Abdul Alim ( Just started blogging), Srinath, Padhu, Muthu ,Sam, Vijay and the people who gave me link backs on my quizzes Rohit Nair, Siddharth, Nambirajan…i dunno who else… but thanks to all those have given me links..Special Thanks to Jamuna, for allowing me to link her blog and giving a good heart warming and extremely funny rendition of Paati Vadai Sutta kadhai… A very special thanks to all my Don Boscoeans, Aamecians, and IIPMites… And students who commented and the students who read my blog and cursed me…I had a wonderful time with you guys and i cherish every moment of it…
shoaibulla | shoaibulla@gmail.comkavitha | Debanjan | debanjanp@gmail.comM.G.VINODH | mgdilip@rediff.commohan chandar | deerath@gmail.comthangaraj | thangarajab@gmail.commahesh | maheshiipm@gmail.comsandeepkora | sandeepkora@gmail.comSuchitra |
Mrinal and Thiaga for at least fulfilling half of my dreams when it came to quiz. Manoj and Renu for being my good friends always and reading my blog whenever possible…
And all the students who were putting up with me and my mokkai thoughts…
Now for all those special people  இளங்குமரன் என்னுடைய தமிழ் அய்யாஎன் தமிழ் கவிதைகளுக்கு வித்திட்டவர்Anchana- My friend, Philosopher and guide…என் முதல் ரசிகைand if I have left anybody please forgive me… I thank you all too…and the resolution from now on, I will reply to your comments then and there….
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