Men comedies in Hollywood usually have frivolous themes. It can be losing virginity or stopping a sex tape from getting in to girl friend’s hands or even what happens because of a bachelor party. Indian movies particularly Tamil movies have never been done on frivolous themes. We love our movies to be with high voltage drama, glittering songs and over the top heroes, or in the other hand we love movies which have extreme realism. We love our movies only when its good and strike a chord with  the audience but movies like the one I am going to review is a sheer disgrace to the comedy writers of Tamil movies.

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The people who have written comedy from the yore will be sad to see the plight of the genre caught in to the hands of the directors of this movie. Va Quarter Cutting ( now it has been changed to Va due to censor board recco) is a combined production of Y Not studios and Cloud Nine movies directed by Husband – Wife duo of Pushkar and Gayathri. The lead actors are Shiva, SP Charan, Lekha Washington, John Vijay, Craig and many others. The movie is shot by Nirav Shah, Edited by Antony and the music has been composed by GV Prakash

Sundarrajan aka Sura (Shiva- Sura because he is Vijay’s fan) comes to Chennai from Coimbatore to fly to Saudi Arabia. He meets his to be brother in law Marthandam (SP Charan). As the travel agent says that alcohol is banned in Saudi Arabia, the two venture to find a quarter cutting (local slang) on a dry day. The rest of the movie forms the people they meet in the night streets of Chennai, how they get the quarter and how they reach airport on time.

The biggest problem of the movie is the directors are confused in what they wanted to show. If they wanted to show the serious side of night streets in Chennai, they have failed miserably. If they wanted to show the funny side of Chennai nights, sorry not even a single scene in the movie evokes laughter. You should give it to the directors as they have managed to restrain people from laughing even though they had Shiva and SP Charan on the screen. They shared wonderful on screen chemistry in Saroja. The movie throws open a slew of characters like Saraswathi (Lekha Washington), SI Singari (Abinaysree), King and Prince ( both by John Vijay), Theekuchi, Vettu – Kuthu who neither capture your imagination nor register in your mind. Yes ,there are few good oneliners like Grape (it means Gang Rape) and Muttaikos but a few good oneliners don’t maketh a movie. GV Prakash has shown that he is capable of doing a miserable score (the last song is direct rip off from Dev D including the picturisation and Thediye Thediye song is a rip off from Lenka Album of 2008 says Karthik of itwofs). The only good thing about the movie is Nirav Shah’s cinematography. He loves darkness 😉

Pic Source - Va Official Facebook Page

The movie could have been a hilarious entertainer under a talented writer but it marks an inexplicable low in the comedy genre of Tamil Cinema. As one of the characters puts it, watching this movie is a “Self – Suicide” for the audience.

I would go for a minus 5 if at all I can. Dont waste your time and money, even if it comes for a download in the internet.

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  1. Good review. Just to add, this movie is inspired by the Harold & Kumar goes to whitecastle (2004)


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