I used the wordpress app in the morning bus ride to post a moblog. And I did succeed in it with minor hiccups.


1. It takes the formating of the original posts of your blog. For instance, I post blogs using justified text but this editor doesn’t have those formatting options. But it automatically took the settings from my blog. (Surprisingly nice)

2. The simplicity of the app. It doesn’t burden you with options you don’t need.

3.It automatically saves and retrieves the the text you have typed in case you want to attend a phone call between.


1.I dunno why the post was scheduled for publishing after 4 hrs when I checked in admin panel of my blog. (have to check my settings.)

2. I tried to add a pic by using the “take now using camera” facility available with the app and the phone hanged.

3.The formatting options should have been given. Anyways it’s the first version so can expect more from the world’s best blog client.

So a 2.5/5 for the wordpress app. I will try to post with a pic tomorrow.. This whole post is made while travelling in D70 bus.

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